What the hell is a BPM guerilla?

The idea for this blog was born after a community get-together of the “BPM Club” organized via Xing business network. They mentioned that many of us are engaged in doing BPM but having no official mission of his/her management. The weeks after I did a research regarding “BPM guerilla” and found this: https://www.google.de/search?q=BPM+guerilla

Well one of the first results is a expert paper of IDS Scheer written by Prof. Dr. Scheer and P. Klueckmann (Link) . There is a paragraph about BPM Guerilla vs. BPM Governance which fits really good to my personal view on this topic.

I understood BPM Guerilla as somebody who is in love with BPM, knowing the advantages and trying to get others involved into the process thinking and having no official order of management to implement BPM. I do know that BPM is not the one and only solution for everything, but in a strongly functional oriented business world we could improve many things.

Well myself I’m having a semi-concrete order from management to ramp-up BPM. The scope of my mission is not fully clear, due to not having a common understanding of BPM. So I use this freedom to work in a way I think it would be the best for my company. I have the feeling in Europe BPM is more than just automation of processes within workflow engines. It is as well a kind of management method. Currently I’m trying to combine both parts: Teaching management in thinking process orientated and try to involve IT-Development to build process oriented applications or use workflow engines. But from my current position I’m not able to instruct anybody to be process orientated. So I have to convince my internal customers due to consulting in several projects without shouting the BPM philosophy from the rooftops. That’s the points why I’m thinking I’m a BPM Guerilla. Working undercover and sprinkle BPM in homeopathic doses in all of my projects. Until now it is working really great ;-D

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