New BPM blog – my agenda for 2015

After several years of blogging about business process management on I would like to start something new. Well, it’s again a BPM blog but I would like to change the way of writing articles. On one hand side I try to publish my articles in English language now. Hopefully in a readable way as well for natural speakers. On the other hand I would like to post more and shorter articles. The content should be directly related to practical work with BPM and I think my 10 years experience in BPM is a good basis for this. Neither I’m going to discuss the very details of BPMN 2.0 specifications in a scientific way, nor I’m willing to write about basics for BPM noobs.

My intention is to collect practical tips and tricks round about the daily Business Process Management. So here is the basis of topics for my 2015 agenda:

  • Survive as BPM Guerilla
    • Promote that BPM is sexy and find allies
  • Methods and Tools
    • Techniques and Apps for BPM Guerillas
  • Conducting Workshops
    • Showing ways of being different and enjoy work
  • BPM Guerilla soft skills
    • Be prepared for your customers

The next post will be a short overview about “What in hell is a BPM Guerilla?”

Stay tuned!


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