Define your goals for 2015

Even if you are working as BPM Guerilla without any concrete goal or strategy given by your boss you should set your strategy and goals for yourself! Think about your company and yourself and set up a list of topics what you would like to achieve this year.

As well think about a strategy which is bigger and more long lasting than the goals you are going to write down. Because in case of any circumstances a goal have to be changed or replaced it is good to have a general position to quickly decide and change your acting without loosing the central theme. This will make your more self confident and trustful.

All of your goals should support your strategy. It is important to write down all this stuff and add to every goal a deadline! For the year planning split the year into quarters and map the goals to the quarters. So every three month you should have completed some of your goals. This will motivate you to stick to your goals!

Some topics regarding goal definitions is:

  • Goals should be defined in best case with SMART criteria (
  • Goals should support your strategy
  • Think about your personal and corporate goals
  • If you would like to think really big try the “Business Motivation Model” of OMG (Tip: could be used prior process design as well ;-) )
  • Last but not least: Speak about your goals with others! Tell them about your goals, what reasons are behind and when your are going to reach the goals. This will make you feel more obliged to your goals.

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